~ rising tides lift all ships | let’s rise together ~

Rise HigHER at Sea Cruise


An Annual Experience for Busy Humans to REST, RECHARGE, and RISE HigHER TogetHER.

Setting Sail from Miami, FL., February 22 – March 2, 2025

Setting Sail from Miami, FL.,
Feb 22 – Mar 2, 2025









In Self-Care and Rejuvenation

Unwind, rejuvenate, and pamper yourself like never before. Our cruise is your sanctuary for relaxation and self-care. Enjoy luxurious spa treatments, daily yoga and meditation sessions, and gourmet dining that will tantalize your taste buds.

Experience Total Bliss

Sink into the serenity of the sea, bask under the sun, and let your worries melt away. This is your time to focus on YOU, nourish your body and soul, and embrace the ultimate pampering experience.


Your Inner Potential

Set sail on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Our cruise offers exclusive workshops and masterclasses led by industry experts, designed to elevate your skills, ignite your passion, and propel you towards success.

Achieve Unprecedented Heights

Chart your course towards personal and professional growth. Gain insights, strategies, and tools to unlock your full potential. It’s time to expand your horizons, break barriers, and reach new heights of achievement.


Forge Lifelong Connections

Connect with a community of extraordinary women who share your aspirations. This cruise is your opportunity to build genuine, lasting relationships with like-minded high-achievers. Collaborate, support, and inspire each other on this incredible journey.

Empower Each Other

Experience the power of unity as you network, share stories, and collaborate with fellow participants. Together, we rise higher, pushing each other to achieve our dreams and aspirations.

Eastern Caribbean Antilles


Embark on a spectacular 8-night adventure on Virgin Voyages The Scarlet Lady through the Caribbean featuring a day in Puerto Plata, a late-night stay in San Juan, and a visit to St. Croix. After 3 days of indulging in the (very) good life on board, you’ll sail to The Beach Club at Bimini to revel in our private beach club experience.

Tropical tranquility in the U.S. Virgin Islands

The largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix has been coined “The Garden of Antilles” for its lush geography and less touristy feel. From sipping champagne on pristine beaches with crystal blue water to exploring world-class diving spots, the island stands out as an escape from everyday life.


Samantha Kendall Bye

Meet Samantha, an Adventurepreneur, a Thought Leader, and a catalyst for change. Guided by the principles of Nature’s elements; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, Samantha has blended her Adventure Mountaineering and wellness background with a mission to inspire others to live a life full of adventure. She founded The Nature Academy, cultivating a heart-centered leadership approach, emphasizing empathy, collaboration, and environmental stewardship. This approach not only shapes successful ventures but also leaves a positive impact on communities and the natural world.

Whether summiting breathtaking peaks or embarking on eco-friendly ventures, Samantha has made it a priority to intertwine nature connectedness into every aspect of life.  Samantha believes every endeavor becomes an opportunity for personal growth, environmental stewardship, and a celebration of the adventurous spirit.

Christie Ruffino

Meet Christie, a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, international speaker, and best-selling author with 14 books. She has been featured on Inc.com, WGN Radio, and The Morning Blend on NBC TV. She has built three six-figure businesses, has studied under a long list of business icons, and has over three decades of business experience helping over three thousand women increase their business revenue through clarity, collaboration, and increased visibility.

As the CEO of Mastery Unleashed Coaching, she is epically proud of the results her pay-per-results program provides her clients. EPIC Mastery is designed to be the last business coaching program entrepreneurs ever need on their quest to have a profitable legacy business helping others live better lives.

When Christie isn’t helping her clients build empires, you’ll find her playing pickleball, riding her Harley, or patiently awaiting the next visit with her daughter and grandkids.

Sea View Cabin


Eastern Caribbean Antilles

Sea Terrace Cabin


Eastern Caribbean Antilles

Rock Star Quarters


Eastern Caribbean Antilles

Note: Prices are subject to increase at any time.

All of our business-building mastermind sessions, private parties, networking events, and dinners are included with your Event Registration.

Industry Experts & Group Leaders

Learn about our group leader program and perks HERE.


Can I bring family, friends, or clients?

YES, the more, the merrier.

In fact, we will reward you for every five guests who book and choose your name through the referral field on our registration form.

If you are bringing a spouse, kids, family members, or friends, we ask that they still register, but they are exempt from the registration fees if they are not participating in our group activities including: private excursions, workshops, masterminds, networking, group dinners, fun swag, and more…

Is there a COST to come on the cruise? Do you mark it up?

Our main goal with this cruise is to create a memorable experience for women to connect and co-create with like-minded women, not to make money from it. 

That said, we are including a $500 event fee to cover additional expenses, such as programming, open bar parties, sustainable swag, directory, name tags, private excursions, and more…

What is NOT included in the price?

Not included in your price is:

  • Your airfare
  • Pre and post-cruise hotel
  • Transfers to and from the airport, hotel, and port
  • Pre and post-cruise drinks and meals  (All your meals On-Ship ARE included.)
  • Optional shore excursions
  • SPA treatments
  • Hard alcohol drinks from the bar and wine
Can I book separate with Virgin and attend the Rise HigHER at Sea Cruise Events?

Absolutely! We encourage you to book directly with Virgin and let them know you are with the Rise HigHER at Sea Circle.

However, without paying the $500 event fee, you will not be allowed to join our networking events, mastermind sessions, private dinners in the main dining room, cocktail parties, private excursions, beach parties, and more…

How do I become a group leader or workshop facilitator?

Simple. With our affiliate program, we set up a special link for you. When you refer 5 cabins, you become a Group Leader. When you refer 10 cabins, you become a VIP Leader, plus you get a $2,000 after-cruise Cash Rebate.

Parking at Port of Miami

Parking is available at Port of Miami for $22 per day.  Lower rates at nearby lots that offer a shuttle to the ship.

Where can I connect with fellow cruisers before the trip?

Connect with your fellow cruisers in the Facebook Group and on the pre-cruise mastermind Zooms.

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